In Romania, Teleperformance workers have made big steps towards a collective agreement with the French customer service giant.

UNI Global Union affiliate SITT was legally certified at the company after the union, with close to 600 members at Teleperformance Romania, far exceeded the 35 per cent recognition threshold required by law. Particularly noteworthy, over 80 per cent of the union members are remote workers.

In December 2022, UNI and Teleperformance signed a global agreement, which secures workers’ ability to organize free from fear and intimidation and gives unions access to employees working from home.

The agreement is an example of Teleperformance leading the way in the digital business services industry. UNI notes the company’s focus on health and safety, its commitment to good, safe jobs globally, and its work with trade unions on-the-ground set it apart in this sector.

In Romania, SITT’s partnership with local management has continued to develop since the agreement’s signing, leading to positive outcomes on several worker concerns. The union is optimistic about reaching a collective agreement with the company that benefits all. 

“It is especially difficult for remote workers to organize, but this success in Romania shows that workers in different locations can stand together for better jobs,” said Christy Hoffman, General Secretary for UNI Global Union. “It also shows how global agreements can further strengthen commitments to workers’ rights and deepen collaboration between employers and unions. We look forward to advancing our constructive relationship with Teleperformance in Romania and beyond.” 

SITT members are looking forward to beginning negotiations of a national agreement with the company in the coming weeks. Topics it plans on raising include scheduling and pay.  

Teleperformance Romania workers made the following statements, celebrating this step:

 “By having a union, we will make our jobs better, both professionally and with higher pay. We all look for a job in which we are appreciated and rewarded enough to have a decent life, but we also want to be able to invest in our professional development.”

“One day, when I remember this part of my life, I want to feel that together, with my coworkers, that we made a change. And I’ve participated in a cause that’s really worth it.”

“The negotiation is really important because we feel we want to be appreciated and remunerated according to the levels of work we do.”

“In any company, the key to success is happy employees. We need to start our working days happy, and to do that, we want to grow professionally and bring positive results for the company. We wish that the upcoming negotiations are a success and we want Teleperformance to understand that we want to stay and grow at the company. We really matter!!!”

 Along with Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica and Poland, Romania is one of five priority countries identified in the global agreement. All countries have unions who are organizing towards strong collective bargaining agreements.


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